Friday, 18 August 2006

I'm back

Hello again. It's me.

Well, obviously. It's my blog site. But still.

I've been on holiday for the past three weeks or so, hence the lack of blog entries on this page. I hope you will understand.

This entry is all about letting you, the reader, know that I haven't disappeared or anything. I will blog again; just not right now, because I'm working hard on finding a job and an internship. Lots of things to do and not much time to blog as well. So entries will be few, I'm afraid.

Don't panic; I didn't fall off the edge of the world or anything. I'm still here. Just be patient.

The boy has no patience...

Was I any different, at that age?

Just wait and see. I'll go back to regular blogging time before you can say "hopscotch" the way the Corpse Bride says it.

P.S. Coming soon: my holiday blog. All the pictures and stories, in one place on the net. I'll keep you informed about when it's ready.