Thursday, 16 December 2010

Webs of Passion

She caught me in her web.

I'm not entirely certain how it happened, but that little spider caught the big bad dragon and bit him, gently. Her sweet venom spread through my veins and limbs, causing me to succumb to her mystic spell -- and love it.

She is a fiery thing, my beautiful bird of the sun. Her desire, once kindled, burns wildly and demands to be fueled. I am but a servant to her fire, which sets me ablaze in turn. I live for our combined fire.

She spins soft webs around us while we make sweet love. No matter how alluring her hoarse whispers in my ear, she herself is much more lovely by far. Her softness, eagerness and sexiness know no bounds, and I crave to hear her moans and whimpers of pleasure as I stroke her and kiss her and enter her.

Never before has this little lizard experienced such a wonderful woman before, who challenges, seduces and stimulates him.

I love you, webspinner girl.