Monday, 19 July 2010


Do watch the movie "Unthinkable" (trailer below). It's great.

Oh, and those next ones I really want to see...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Recently, I have had a conversation in which the topic of bondage came up.

Yes, I know. The Dragon has far more interesting conversations than you do. You need to get out more and meet people. People that want to talk about bondage with you. And perhaps even show you what it's all about.

I am not certain how I feel about bondage. Sure, like most people I have tried it somewhat, but only halfheartedly during puberty. What boy did not tie up his childhood sweetheart to the posts of his bed, with the sole intention of exploring her naked body without her hands keeping him away? Ah, to be young and not so innocent...

No, I do not mean that softcore bondage thing. I mean the real deal, getting chained to a tree on a deserted cemetary in the middle of a dark night, with only the sounds of crickets chirping, the clinking of the chains, and the breathing of you and your partner, to feel her hands on your naked stomach and her lips around your.. finger. That feeling of being helpless and putting your trust in that mysterious woman before you and her word that her dad the policeman won't be back in an hour.

I can imagine it, sure, but I cannot claim to have experienced it. And in all honesty, I'm not entirely sure if I would want to. Not without a girl I could and would trust completely, at least.

But then again, by imagining it, do I not experience it? I can even make it better or more exciting in my head. I can imagine the whole world watching as I am bound and naked while three girls (one blonde, one brunette and one redhead) kiss all my body parts and tickle my feet while shouting "spank us, master Dragon!" Yeah... in my head it would be so much better.

Interested? Send your nudie pictures to and you might be allowed to do a private performance in my mind!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Dragon Soul Shared

Every now and again, visitors make their way here. Some wanted, some unwanted, most uninvited. Some stay for a while or even make a return visit, while others shrug and leave, never to visit again.

So be it.

This time I have invited someone. A girl. As you read this, she is probably going through the whole blog, visiting every place of my lair, discovering all the hidden chambers, peeking into the Dragon's very soul.
Of course she is not the first girl to visit the realm of the Dragon, and hopefully she will not be the last. But I am surprised to find that I enjoy the idea of her discovering things about me that virtually nobody knows.

That is not to say that this blog has all my 'secrets' revealed and exposed. But in a roundabout sort of way, a lot of it is.

Why, I wonder, does it feel so good to share one's all with another person? Is it a feeling of loneliness, or insecurity, or recognition? A little bit of those, I imagine, but there seems to be something else, something more, something deeper.

Couples are sometimes refered to as being 'one', and partners are called one's 'other half'. Perhaps it is a feeling of being incomplete without sharing everything with someone else? I don't know.

It doesn't feel like I am incomplete at the moment. And on a rational level it doesn't make any sense to share everything with another person (not to mention rather boring, eventually), but my emotions seem not so clear.

Alright, enough sharing of mine. Tell me about you and your secrets. Yes, especially those bedroom secrets...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010

There be rules

Welcome back to the Dragon's lair. A treasure trove of twisted world views and dirty thoughts.

Beware the Dragon, who guards the ladies with tooth and claw from any knights in shiny armor. You can take the remaining pieces of those knights, though. If you can carry them.

The harem rooms are forbidden. Except if you're a delicious female wearing little more than pieces of string, obviously. Do bring your girlfriends.

Drinks can be found in the basement. Serve yourselves. Boys, you should try the green bottle with the big skull on the side. Girls, you should try the red bottle with lots of alcohol en sweetness. Kids, you should be home in bed.

The wardrobe is just down the hall. Again, this part is forbidden for male visitors. Any male visitor that accidently stumbles into rooms he's not supposed to go, will be punched, burned, fined, and thrown out -- not necessarily in that order.

Forbidden for cameras. Except for the ones owned by the Dragon, of course.

If -- when -- you hear screams, either screams of agony or screams of passion, you should:
- run back to the Dragon's bed if you're a woman;
- run away if you're not a woman;
- run into a wall if you're stupid;
- back away from the Dragon's bed if you're a guy.

These are the rules of the Dragon's lair. If you do not follow these rules, your continuing sanity and the non-burning of your eyes cannot be garanteed. And the women will smack you on the head.

So, do come in and have a drink.