Sunday, 23 December 2012

End of the World

So here we are, December 23rd 2012. Two days after the world was supposed to end, yet I still live and you do, too.

The world did not end. Or did it?

I turn on my television and I see a world in flames. Civil wars, polar ice melting, forests destroyed, oceans polluted, people wishing other people dead. Laws, rules and money are more important than people; lives are currency in a desperate attempt to preserve a status quo that has become the death of us all. The world is burning in the fires we create.

I once predicted the end of the Western world, but now I see that it is not just the West that is falling. It is the entire human civilization, and with it, Mother Earth.

I was mistaken - we were mistaken. The end has already come. The world is dead, and we are fighting over its carcass.

The New Age of the Mayas has come too late.