Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Big news!

The Dragon is blah.

Very blah.

Completely, irrevocably blah.


Blah is the word.

Big blah.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Silent shadow

Two red eyes glowing in the dark night. Not a sound as the secretive stalker closes in on her target.

Quiet even for a drow, she moves gracefully behind the man's back, her poisoned dagger no longer conceiled.

One stab, and another. She whispers in his ear; "you shouldn't have left me, my love."

He gasps, grabs his torso but the blood does not stop flowing. His life, his essence, fleeing from his body.

The assassin leaves silently, letting the man die alone.

The man moans in agony, then smiles. The previously registered antidote kicks in.

So predictable. She will not bother him for a while.

It does hurt like hell, though.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Dragon inside

A new room, a new experience.

I feel like an explorer of sorts, a wandering spirit discovering untamed lands and encountering new challenges with every passing moment.

This place is alive, and although some have gone before, it seems as if none but me have been willing to discover everything. Unseen eyes are watching my every movement and sudden moves send shivers down a spine I do not see, yet sense nearby.

I have found pieces of the heart of this place before, and now I have found another. A large and brilliant red gem, it beckons me and whispers to my mind and body. Only a few parts seem to have been exposed recently, and I wipe away the dust on some others.

The hungry ruby grows as a tiny part of me is consumed, feeding the life of the warm stone and adding more and joyful colours to this place. I gain energy by its beauty, and pass it back to that welcoming aspect of desire in a marvelous cycle of joy.

The gem grows larger and demanding, and I am willing to provide.

I embrace it, placing it against my chest. I have just touched a few of the surfaces, and I am curious what those others will do.

My explorations continue, and I purr at the very thought.

I love this place.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Secret room

I opened the door and she let me in. It was new and exciting, and at the same time it felt like I belonged there.

She had given me the key, and it took me time and courage to use it. Claiming that I was content to stay outside and only later realizing it was not her I was fooling, but myself. I wanted to go inside, to share that room with her.

And now I have. Will everything change now? I cannot honestly say. Some things will change, others will not; which things fall in what category, I do not yet know. The future is moving and changing as we talk and act.

I do not make promises about "forever" because I am not forever or unchanging. And I don't make promises if I do not know if I can keep them.

What I can promise is that I will try my hardest to be the best person to share that room with. That I will want to make you happy -- or happier than you were before. That I will protect you when you want me to, and to let you be when you so request. That I will open up to you and be vulnerable at times, and be your playmate at other times.

Because I want to know you, all of you, and love each and every part of you. In our own secret room.