Tuesday, 26 September 2006

If you strike me down I will become more ridiculous than you can imagine

Yes, cartoons. Enjoy.

Dangerous pranks:

Mustafar showdown:

Star Wars Cantina toilet:


"Star Wars", you say?

Monday, 25 September 2006

Christmas wishlist

What? At least I'm on time for Christmas... :)


I know I haven't exactly been blogging often lately, and with good reason. Yes, good reason - I'll explain it all a bit further down.

First, I'd like you to look at the cartoon that comes with today's blog entry. It's probably the first thing you read (you lazy you), but if not, please do.

Assuming everyone gets it, I can make my point. No, I'm not afraid of becoming some sad person that spends more time with his computer than with actually living. I'm not addicted.

But many people are addicted. And I don't mean addicted to computers - that happens too (click), but that was just my link to the first bit of Big News: I got myself an internship with an addiction treatment facility! They treat drug, alcohol and gambling addictions. I've been very busy getting this internship, and arranging all the things that come with it - contracts, courses to follow, people to notify, etc. That's the main reason for not blogging very often. I hope you forgive me now.

By the way, it will probably mean that I won't be blogging very often in the near future, either. So please be patient with me; I haven't lost the will to blog, I just haven't the time.

And the second bit of Big News, and the main reason for the Par-Tay, is that last Saturday, me and my girlfriend were officially one year together! I love her so much, and we spent the day shopping in downtown Amsterdam (we both like shopping), having a drink at the same place we did exactly a year earlier, and we had dinner in a comfy Greek restaurant called Aphrodite. Yes, we had a blast. And soon we'll be going to the Rotterdam Zoo, because she gave me tickets!

So, my blog entry isn't as long as you might expect after such a long absence. But hey, deal with it.

So long and thanks for all the fish.