Monday, 10 December 2007

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


I open my eyes. Despite the curtains, the room is well-lit by the early sunlight on the windows. Another day is here.

I groan as people on the radio talk too loudly for the time of day, and I know that the radio is my alarm clock. I take a look beside me and see you lying next to me, half awake. You look so magnificent; your soft hair slightly roughened up, your soft skin against my arm, your naked breasts finding their way from underneath the sheets, your gentle breathing against my shoulder.

Realizing I have some time before I need to get out of bed, I watch and adore you. With two fingers I slowly caress your skin, and you open your pretty brown eyes and look at me. You smile. "Good morning," you whisper, and I reply the same.

I don't ever want to get out of bed. I want to lie here next to you for days and weeks and months.